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Windsor 35mm

Windsor 35mm

£21.49 excl. VAT

  • 35mm Pile Height
  • Tri-Coloured Natural Look
  • 10 Year Guarantee

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Prices are per square metre and exclude VAT


Quantity Price
1 – 20 £21.49
21 – 40 £20.49 ( £1.00 discount )
41 – 60 £19.24 ( £2.25 discount )
61 or more £17.74 ( £3.75 discount )
Quantity Price
1 - 20 £21.49 ( Selling price )
21 - 40 £20.49 ( £1.00 Discount )
41 - 60 £19.24 ( £2.25 Discount )
61 or more £17.74 ( £3.75 Discount )
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Are you looking for super soft artificial grass that looks entirely authentic? Then Windsor artificial grass is the ideal solution for your next synthetic lawn project.

35mm Artificial Grass With Spring-Back Feature

The Windsor product has been enhanced and is now presented as an entirely realistic 35mm artificial grass which boasts excellent spring-back action. This means that the fibres of your grass will pop back into shape even after they’ve been trampled on all day long by the family and pets. This feature ensures that your lawn looks constantly refreshed and ready for whatever is thrown at it.

Tri-Coloured Natural Look of Windsor Artificial Grass

The long length of this style of 35mm pile artificial grass uses C shape fibres which allow more of the thatch to be exposed and is therefore visible to the eye. This results in a synthetic lawn which looks deeper and more luxurious than other artificial grass products. In terms of colour, the Windsor is manufactured to appear entirely genuine.

The tri-colour feature of this super soft artificial grass provides a fantastic blend of earthy, natural tones which resemble a real-life lawn. With high UV stabilisation, you won’t need to worry about your grass fading either.

Benefits of our 35mm Artificial Grass

Windsor artificial grass doesn’t just look great – it’s fantastically hard-wearing too. If you’ve previously struggled to maintain a real lawn, then our 35mm artificial grass is the perfect solution for you. Typical problems with authentic grass are usually centred around the amount of mess that is created once the turf is worn away, exposing the ground beneath. Not only do these patches of dirt on your lawn look unsightly, but they also create a lot of mess. If you have dogs or kids who regularly run around on your real lawn, then you’ll be acquainted with the muddy footprints that are brought inside your house.

When you opt to install Windsor artificial grass as part of your next garden restoration project, you can be assured that dirt and patchy grass are both things of the past. Synthetic grass doesn’t wear away and any excess moisture is drained away from the surface to the sublayer beneath, meaning that you can walk or play on the grass and remain dry. This makes your artificial grass suitable for use all year-round.

10 Year Guarantee

Of course, customers naturally want to enjoy peace of mind that they’re opting for a long-lasting and durable artificial lawn solution. This is why we’re delighted to offer a 10-year guarantee on our premium Windsor artificial grass so you can be assured that your lawn will still be the envy of all your neighbours a decade from now! The product meets BS 4790, BS EN 1177 and BS7044 certifications which are all strict British standards that are only achieved by superior manufacturing practices.


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