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Oasis 38mm

Oasis 38mm

£22.49 excl. VAT

  • 38mm Pile Height
  • Tri-Coloured Natural Look
  • 10 Year Guarantee

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Quantity Price
1 - 20 £22.49 ( Selling price )
21 - 40 £21.49 ( £1.00 Discount )
41 - 60 £20.24 ( £2.25 Discount )
61 or more £18.74 ( £3.75 Discount )
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If you’re looking for luxury lawn artificial grass for your next garden renovation, then Oasis artificial grass is the perfect choice for your installation.

It’s suitable for gardens, balconies, pool surrounds, play areas and even indoor areas too. With such versatility, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t invested in green oasis artificial grass before. To put it simply, once our customers have tried synthetic grass, they’re never tempted to return to a traditional grass lawn again.

How Does Green Oasis Artificial Grass Look So Real?

Our artificial luxury grass Oasis product is made up of curly green blades which are mixed in with natural colour thatch to provide the perfect blend of authenticity. The mixture of earthy tones resembles genuine grass blades, although unlike real grass the vibrancy won’t fade in strong sunlight. High UV stabilisation ensures that your lawn will look good as new, season after season.

Spring-back Feature of 38mm Artificial Grass

Our Oasis artificial grass is one of the deeper piles of luxury lawn artificial grass that we offer. With a 38mm pile depth and a C 6+6 shaped yarn, you can expect an excellent spring-back feature on this style of lawn. Whether you’ve had a lawn party, or the kids running around on your grass all day long, you still shouldn’t be able to see any trace of a footprint when you invest in our 38mm artificial grass. The fibres of the synthetic lawn will spring straight back into place ensuring that your lawn looks fresh each time you look out at it.

Durability of our Luxury Lawn Artificial Grass

Our artificial luxury grass is a fantastic investment that will add value to your home and will still look outstanding years from now. In fact, the Oasis product comes with a 10-year guarantee to provide you with maximum peace of mind that your synthetic lawn is built to last.

Save Time And Money By Investing In Oasis Artificial Grass

If you’re in need of an incredibly low maintenance artificial luxury grass solution, then our Oasis artificial grass is an excellent option. You’ll gain back a lot of time at the weekends when you switch to luxury lawn artificial grass. As you won’t need to mow the lawn anymore, nor will you need to water or seed it, think of what you’ll be able to do with the extra time. Similarly, our luxury artificial grass will save you money on your water bills. When you invest in Oasis artificial grass, your lawn will look fresh and vibrant all year long without placing a burden on the environment.


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