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Miami 28mm

Miami 28mm

£20.49 excl. VAT

  • 28mm Pile Height
  • Tri-Coloured Natural Look
  • 10 Year Guarantee

Call 01525 304600 to order

Prices are per square metre and exclude VAT


Quantity Price
1 – 20 £20.49
21 – 40 £19.49 ( £1.00 discount )
41 – 60 £18.24 ( £2.25 discount )
61 or more £16.74 ( £3.75 discount )
Quantity Price
1 - 20 £20.49 ( Selling price )
21 - 40 £19.49 ( £1.00 Discount )
41 - 60 £18.24 ( £2.25 Discount )
61 or more £16.74 ( £3.75 Discount )
In stock .


Create The Ultimate Play Area With 28mm Artificial Grass

Our Miami luxury lawn artificial grass is the ideal choice of synthetic lawn turf for a growing family. It’s a shorter pile length than some products within our range, which increases the ease of maintenance for you. If you’re looking for a lawn that’s incredibly simple to take care of, then our 28mm artificial grass is the perfect solution.

28mm Artificial Grass

Many of our customers want to create a fun and flexible play area for their kids to enjoy. If this is the case for you, then our artificial grass Miami turf is just what you’re looking for. It’s incredibly easy to cut, meaning that it will fit play areas of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have a small patch for a trampoline to sit on, or a larger L-shaped lawn to create, our 28mm artificial grass is just as easy to install as it is to maintain. The shorter pile length can also be sanitised quickly which is also great if you have pets who might create a mess on your luxury lawn artificial grass. Any excess water will seep through the surface layer to the sublayer beneath, whilst debris can be swept or removed from the top of your luxury artificial grass Miami product.

10 Year Guarantee On Your Tri-Colour Artificial Grass Miami Lawn

Evergreen Grass 2020 understands that when you shop for luxury lawn artificial grass, you’ll want to invest in turf that stands the test of time. That’s why we offer our tri-colour artificial grass Miami solution with a 10-year guarantee. We are also pleased to confirm that this 28mm artificial grass is certified to meet the following British standards: BS 4790, BS EN 1177 and BS7044.


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