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Arcadia 40mm

Arcadia 40mm

£23.49 excl. VAT

  • 40mm Pile Height
  • Tri-Coloured Natural Look
  • 10 Year Guarantee

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Prices are per square metre and exclude VAT


Quantity Price
1 – 20 £23.49
21 – 40 £22.49 ( £1.00 discount )
41 – 60 £21.24 ( £2.25 discount )
61 or more £19.74 ( £3.75 discount )


Quantity Price
1 - 20 £23.49 ( Selling price )
21 - 40 £22.49 ( £1.00 Discount )
41 - 60 £21.24 ( £2.25 Discount )
61 or more £19.74 ( £3.75 Discount )
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Are you looking for the perfect premium quality artificial grass for your new synthetic lawn project? Arcadia artificial grass is the only solution you’ll need to create an attractive and luxurious lawn installation which is hard-wearing and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

What makes our premium artificial grass so special? This tri-coloured 40mm pile grass is created with C+D Shaped yarn which radically improves the pile restoration. This feature enables your Arcadia artificial grass to spring back when walked on and look immediately refreshed and ready for more action.

Benefits of our Arcadia Artificial Grass Premium Product

Area Suitability – Our 40mm artificial grass product is incredibly versatile and is suitable for gardens, balconies. pool surrounds, play areas and indoor areas. Regardless of the size of area you wish to cover, our premium artificial grass product is always a great option.

Structure – Arcadia Artificial Grass consists of two shades of greens, curly green blades and a natural colour thatch to give the grass its natural look.

40mm Pile Height – Our premium quality artificial grass has the tallest pile height in our range, offering an incredible bounce which is the perfect solution for a lawn that experiences high volumes of activity and footfall. The spring-back feature of this product ensures that you won’t see any footprints after use.

Tri-Coloured Natural Look – Typically, our customers are in search of natural-looking premium artificial grass solutions which look like the real thing! Our artificial grass premium Arcadia product uses long and dense multi-tonal grass C+D shaped fibres which look genuinely authentic.

10 Year Guarantee – Want to know that your brand-new lawn installation will still look fantastic a decade from now? With our long-life guarantee, you can be confident that your premium quality artificial grass installation will still look and feel great, season after season! The fibres of our Arcadia artificial grass are softer, yet more resilient than ever, which provides our customers with the perfect durable premium artificial grass solution.

Family Benefits of Using Artificial Grass Premium Products

If you’re tired of a muddy lawn and the dirt that travels back inside your house from it, then premium artificial grass is the perfect solution for your family. Kids and pets tend to kick up a traditional ‘real’ lawn, leaving you with thin patches, mudslides and discoloured areas beneath play equipment.

When you switch to a premium quality artificial grass solution such as our Arcadia product, you can let your children and pets run riot outside throughout the entire year, without fear of them ruining their clothes, shoes or your kitchen floor when they wander back in! Our 40mm artificial grass is entirely safe as it’s lead-free and won’t burn or graze the skin. If your children slip outside on your new lawn, a cushioned matting beneath the synthetic turf will soften the fall.

Quality Standards Of Our 40mm Artificial Grass

Evergreen Grass are proud to offer our Arcadia artificial grass which has met several industry standards to prove the premium quality of the product. In particular, it has been certified to meet BS 4790, BS EN 1177 and BS 7044, all of which are British Standards that are only achieved by premium artificial grass.


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