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Balmoral 30mm

Balmoral 30mm


  • 30mm Pile Height
  • Tri-Coloured Natural Look
  • 10 Year Guarantee
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Prices & Quantity are per square metre

Our Balmoral artificial grass is the ultimate luxury lawn artificial grass, combining nature and luxury to provide a low-maintenance solution that looks entirely genuine. If this is the kind of artificial grass you are looking for, check out the super soft artificial grass from our range.

30mm Artificial Grass

If you’re tired of muddy footprints on your lawn and in your house, then Balmoral 30mm artificial grass is just what you’re looking for. The length of the fibres allows your lawn to appear as good as new, each and every time you use it. You can let your kids or pets bound around on it all day long and it will still look pristine at the end of the day. Any excess water will drain away to the sublayers beneath, whilst any debris such as leaves can easily be swept or blown across the surface. You’ll also find that our super soft luxury artificial grass is wonderful to lie out on. Whether you want to sunbathe or play with the kids, our Balmoral artificial grass is extremely comfortable.

Tri-Coloured Balmoral Artificial Grass

The latest modern innovations in artificial grass technology allow the synthetic fibres of your lawn to look exactly like a traditional grass lawn. By exposing the thatch beneath your 30mm artificial grass, you’re able to see more of the grass blades which gives it this luscious appeal. Some of the earliest synthetic lawn products appeared to be too green, but the tri-coloured Balmoral artificial grass offers a mix of earthy shades which look fantastically authentic. The product is also offered with high UV stabilisation too, so the presentation of your lawn won’t fade over time.

Super Soft Artificial Grass With a 10 Year Guarantee

When you opt for Balmoral artificial grass from Evergreen Grass 2020, you can be confident that you’re choosing a quality product for your garden installation. This type of 30 mm artificial grass meets stringent certification standards including BS 4790, BS EN 1177 and BS7044. Alongside this peace of mind, we also offer a reassuring 10-year guarantee on our Balmoral super soft artificial grass, though we’re confident you’ll never need to use it!

Are you ready to revamp your garden with this stunning and luxurious 30 mm artificial grass product?


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