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Just like Evergreen Grass 2020 Real Grass SHOP INSTALLS Only Better! Just like Evergreen Grass 2020 Real Grass SHOP INSTALLS Only Better!

Welcome to Evergreen Grass - The Artificial Grass UK Experts

Why Us?

Why an Artificial Grass Installation?

Are you tired of spending your weekends mowing, maintaining and even returfing your lawn? Artificial grass is the perfect solution which will give you back your time, whilst providing you with a stunning lawn that looks fantastic all year round.

Synthetic grass is extremely versatile and can be used in a range of applications in both your home garden as well as in public spaces or sports and leisure facilities. Artificial lawns are the perfect solution for Domestic gardens, Schools, Play areas, Sports surfaces, Safety surfaces, Roof gardens and Pool side areas.

Once our artificial grass installers have completed your project, you can say goodbye to weeds, muddy puddles or regular maintenance. You’ll also discover that you reduce your water bill and eliminate the need to spend money on fertilisers or pesticides too.

Why Choose Evergreen Grass?

Evergreen Grass sources its artificial grass from Europe and the USA, and only uses the most realistic and highest quality grasses available. Our fake grass UK products are the ideal choice, not just for aesthetics, but also for durability. Whether you have children and pets regularly tearing around on your lawn, or you just want a relaxing outdoor space to enjoy in any season, our Evergreen artificial grass product range can help you to achieve your desired relaxing environment.

Benefits of Evergreen Grass

With our experience you can rest assured that you will be buying an artificial grass product of unrivalled quality and here is why:

1. Latex Backing

The backing of any artificial grass is the most important structural element to look at when comparing products. This is where the quality and durability of any product lies.

At a glance these two samples look quite similar:

Their backs tell a different story:

Our artificial grass has a heavy-duty latex backing. This helps to provide our artificial lawns with rigidity which helps the fibres of the grass to remain upright and resistant to foot traffic and other impacts. Many or our competitor’s products have hardly any latex present at all, so the stability of this grass over a long period is questionable and the shape of the artificial grass blades may flatten over time.

2. Stitch Rates and Quality

When you invest in an artificial grass installation, you’ll want reassurance that your lawn will still look fantastic in the years to come. This comes down to purchasing quality synthetic grass for your artificial lawns. Evergreen Grass use grasses with a unique pile anchorage system called stitch-lock. The closer, denser 6+6 stich rate gives the grass more structural density. The difference between the stitch rate we use and those of some of our competitor’s is that ours sit flush with the backing, giving a longer life span.

3. Materials used in artificial grass

There are three main groups of material used in the production of artificial grass.

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